What We Do

Lemur Creatives Is a Highly Experienced Team of Creative Strategists, Content Creators and Media Experts. Basically? We Make It All Look, Sound and Feel Good, to Get Your Message Out There – Loud & Clear

Content Creation

We identify & define your brand’s language, and write custom, cross-platform content that tells your story in a way that stands out and leaves a mark.

Social Media Marketing

Gaining quality traffic, engagement and sales through the most up-to-date media strategies on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter and more.

Web Design

We’ll characterize and structure your website, focusing on UX, design and development, to boost your brand, business, and revenue.

Design & Branding

Helping you create a strong visual identity with your audience and customers. Graphic design, art direction, identity design.

Production Services

We’ll produce your photoshoot conceptually & actually, and construct a team of top-notch professionals to deliver amazing results.

Recording & Mixing

In collaboration with our colleagues from Jaffa Sound Arts, the finest recording house in the Middle East, we will record, mix and edit any sound for any artist, feature or presentation.

Designing and producing the finest prints and merchandise for any of your business needs.

Our Team

Or has been leading and creating creative content since 2004. Previously Head of Music at ynet, Israel’s biggest news site, and VP Content at utab; in 2011 he founded Papazone, one of the world’s most innovative online communities for dads. Since 2017 he heads Lemur Creatives, building well known Israeli and international brands. That same year he was voted by Profile magazine and The Israeli Digital Organization as one of the top 100 most influential people in the digital world in Israel. Loves peanut butter.

Or Barnea

Founder, Director

A genuine content & creative expert, Noa has been leading creative strategies for the past years not only as a content maker, but also as a musician, performer, and production member off & on screen and stage. With a special sensibility for branding and user-experience, she's a verbal chameleon ready to take on any challenge.

Noa Faran

VP Content

Noa joined the Lemur Creatives fresh out of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design where she majored in visual communications. Her unique style is inspired by her amazing love for music, culture and minimalism mixed with her vast experience as media designer, from when she worked days and nights at Israel's biggest newspaper, "Yedhioth Aharonot".

Noa Reshef

Art Director

Nir Klein
After years of PPC and paid media work with clients and major companies around the world, Nir landed in Lemur Creatives, handling day to day operations in numerous campaigns. He is the only one that ever succeeded to combine the punk rock attitude in creating and building major online campaigns.

Nir Klein

Paid Media Manager

A web-savvy musician, designer and educator. Juggling with music and visuals since VHS was a thing. Well-versed in all aspects of webdesign, eCommerce & SEO. Once owned an Atari. Can be paid in pizza.

Oren Gilad

Web Development Manager

Guy Cialic joined the Lemur Creatives crew after years leading social media and community marketing in various companies. Since her early teenage years she has been highly involved in music and culture communities. From Metal to Pop culture, from Punk Rock to Romanticism. She does not create scenes. She is the scene.

Guy Cialic

Social Media & Production Manager

Dudu Z or just Vazana is a highly skilled videographer, video editor and an after-effects artist. Because of his skills also as a drummer and a musician, Dudu has been one of the top visual working forces in the Israeli cultural scene and industry. Bringing visuals and music together into his own profound and unique style.

Dudu Vazana

Videographer & After Effects Artist

עדי שרגא
Adi is a commercial photographer, working beautifully around fashion and portraits. She graduated from the Hadassah High School of Photography in Jerusalem and lives in Jaffa. Her greatest Inspirations include the streets of Israel and from all the people around her. People and Lemurs.

Adi Shraga


דייב שחר
The coolest of cool. Dave is a highly skilled Cameraman, photographer, director and editor. He Graduated from Tel Aviv University for Film and has been working around musicians since forever ago. Dave brings his experience in movies, TV and filming to every one of Lemur Creatives' clients and friends.

David Michael Shachar


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